How can you do pure contour drawing?

Contour drawing is the most basic of all drawing. This is the first thing where you actually learn to draw something that has a shape and definition. Contour drawing is a linear expression of the subject that you have chosen to draw. Depending on what you are trying to achieve, a contour drawing can be simple, clear and precise. At this stage in the process of learning how to draw you have to ig...


How can you simple shading?

The art so shading requires you to be able to manage the pencil in a manner where you have complete control. You will need to be completely focused while doing so in order to ensure that each and every mark that you make on paper creates the effect that you want. You can do shading with a point or with a flat side of the pencil too. Shading that is done with the flat side is grainier and softer...


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