Drawing charcoal

Drawing charcoal is available in three types - willow, vine and compressed. Willow charcoal is relatively light and it is also hard and therefore brittle. However, it is also powdery in nature. It is best used when you want to show some light lines for subtle expression. Willow charcoal is not suitable for drawing contours of an object. Vine charcoal is an option that gives you a variety of tone...


Graphite pencils

There is no introduction required for the common pencil. It is has a graphite core that is embedded in a wooden casing. The level to which the graphite is fired with clay gives it the hardness that is required. Most of the pencils are calibrated to allow you to assess the level of darkness, softness or hardness that they have. In all probability you use an HB pencil to write normally. While thos...


Erasers, sharpeners and blending tools

There are other tools that are used in drawing. These include erasers, sharpeners, blending tools, paper and drawing inks. While most of us may think that erasers are required to erase mistakes and redraw, they are not tools only for correction. In fact there are two kinds of erasers that exist - the kneadable eraser is used to for pencils, charcoal and pastels and the plastic eraser. Erasers ar...


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