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Drawing and sketching as a hobby is an extremely personal thing that people adopt. In all probability the person who starts to draw as a hobby and takes it seriously is someone who is looking for some kind of an expression. While the motivation for the hobby may be individualistic there are various techniques that one needs to explore in order to then devise a custom or individual style.

And this leads to a lot of questions that people ask with regards to the kind of drawing instrument that they should use, the kind of paper that is best for sketching, the manner in which they can learn shading techniques and more. Then there are various kinds of drawings that you can create and you would want to know the ways and strategies that you can use to create some more complex objects.

Some of the most common questions that are asked in the context of drawing have been discussed here.

Can you give details of some techniques used in drawing?

Drawing is a special individual skill that you will develop as you move forward in your hobby and your endeavors. At the same time some techniques can help you in assessing the way your drawing abilities develop. So while you will develop your own individual style and techniques, here are some that are commonly used by artists to create their drawings. Stipling is the process in which you use do...


What paper should I use for sketching?

There are various kinds of paper that you can use for sketching and drawing. The sketch papers that are not meant to be permanent are made from wood pulp. The paper is thin and cheap and is generally bound together in the form of sketch books. For those of you who want sketch paper that lasts, acid free sketch paper is the best choice. This paper is also thin but it does ensure that your sketche...


How can I draw out a nice card for someone special?

Making a card on your own is an extremely personal gift. It is also an item that is likely to be treasured for years to come. The great thing about giving such a gift is that it is not even expensive and you can create one easily by using your regular hobby supplies. To make a card that you have created yourself you will need a rectangular water color paper. Water color paper gives you a nice su...


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