Drawing and Sketching How To

Sometimes when you look at the drawings that other people have made, it seems that you shall never be able to draw so well. But the fact is that drawing and sketching are art forms that can be learnt. The masters of the art and notable people may be extra gifted and if you are not looking to be a Da Vinci, you shall be able to learn the art of drawing more easily than you think.

If you are looking at mastering the art of drawing there are various lessons that you shall have to go through in order to learn the various techniques, strokes and more. In the process of learning how to draw and sketch it is important that you are not too critical of yourself all the time. Each of your creations does not have to be a master piece. There are a lot of practice pages that you will use and throw before you start making great masterpieces and even then you shall exceed your expectations with each new drawing.

The first steps in drawing

If you are starting off on your journey to learn how to draw you may want to start with getting yourself a supply of the various kinds of drawing material that you are interested in. Buy a range of pencils ranging from hard ones to soft and dark ones. To familiarize yourself with the stuff that you have bought, you may want to generally scribble around with your supplies. Make different kinds of...


How can you do pure contour drawing?

Contour drawing is the most basic of all drawing. This is the first thing where you actually learn to draw something that has a shape and definition. Contour drawing is a linear expression of the subject that you have chosen to draw. Depending on what you are trying to achieve, a contour drawing can be simple, clear and precise. At this stage in the process of learning how to draw you have to ig...


How can you simple shading?

The art so shading requires you to be able to manage the pencil in a manner where you have complete control. You will need to be completely focused while doing so in order to ensure that each and every mark that you make on paper creates the effect that you want. You can do shading with a point or with a flat side of the pencil too. Shading that is done with the flat side is grainier and softer...


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