How can you do pure contour drawing?

Contour drawing is the most basic of all drawing. This is the first thing where you actually learn to draw something that has a shape and definition. Contour drawing is a linear expression of the subject that you have chosen to draw. Depending on what you are trying to achieve, a contour drawing can be simple, clear and precise. At this stage in the process of learning how to draw you have to ignore aspects such as shadows, colors and highlights. Only the edges of the chosen subject need to be drawn!

You can take contour drawing to the next level by incorporating implied lines. These are lines that are drawn to indicate edges, corners and angles in the subject. Do not choose to make implied lines arbitrarily. These need to be thought out and should be based on the object that you are making. Use dotted lines, dashes and light lines to indicate curves and edges.

Simple contour drawing can be misleading. They may not be able to communicate the exact object that you are trying to draw. However, this is something that also depends on the subject that you are trying to draw. For example if you draw a hand it may include adequate level of detail to be able to tell you that the line drawing is that of a hand. Alternately, if you draw a contour drawing of an apple, the contour drawing may not be sufficient to suggest that hat you have drawn is an apple.

Fine lines can be added to contour drawings to provide detail and give more information about the object being drawn.




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