Drawing charcoal

Drawing charcoal is available in three types - willow, vine and compressed. Willow charcoal is relatively light and it is also hard and therefore brittle. However, it is also powdery in nature. It is best used when you want to show some light lines for subtle expression. Willow charcoal is not suitable for drawing contours of an object. Vine charcoal is an option that gives you a variety of tone...


Can you give details of some techniques used in drawing?

Drawing is a special individual skill that you will develop as you move forward in your hobby and your endeavors. At the same time some techniques can help you in assessing the way your drawing abilities develop. So while you will develop your own individual style and techniques, here are some that are commonly used by artists to create their drawings. Stipling is the process in which you use do...


How can you do pure contour drawing?

Contour drawing is the most basic of all drawing. This is the first thing where you actually learn to draw something that has a shape and definition. Contour drawing is a linear expression of the subject that you have chosen to draw. Depending on what you are trying to achieve, a contour drawing can be simple, clear and precise. At this stage in the process of learning how to draw you have to ig...


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