Graphite pencils

There is no introduction required for the common pencil. It is has a graphite core that is embedded in a wooden casing. The level to which the graphite is fired with clay gives it the hardness that is required. Most of the pencils are calibrated to allow you to assess the level of darkness, softness or hardness that they have. In all probability you use an HB pencil to write normally. While those numbered from 1H to 9H are lighter and harder than HB, those that are numbered 1B tall the way up to 9B are darker and softer. When you choose a reputed brand of drawing pencils you can be sure that the gradation on the pencils is standard so that you always get the same effect with the same number of the pencil.

Graphite is also available in the form of a bar, a stick or powder. These are used by people based on their preferences. Graphite powder can be used to shade in some cases. On the other hand some people naturally prefer to hold a graphite bar to give a blurred outline as against a precise clear one.

You need to be absolutely sure about the quality of the pencils that you are buying for your drawing. This is because some supplies can be extremely irregular and cause you to err in your drawing. Cores that are not centered can break frequently causing you to waste a lot of supplies. Some are even bad enough to tear paper.



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